Avery's Global Journeys 

My name is Avery Jones, I'm a student that is enrolled in Watkinson's Global Studies Program. One of the reasons that I decided to join Global Studies is because of my love for travel and exploring global issues. I felt that it would be a good opportunity for me to better immerse myself in these issues along with getting to travel a bit more to. Covid has however changed the Global Studies program as we are not able to travel as much and most meetings we have with global activists are virtual conferences. Regardless Global Studies has still been a good experience and when we are able to travel it makes it feel so much more special. Overall this has been a good opportunity for me to continue to become more aware of global issues along with being a part of the work that helps to solve these issues. A good example of this is when we volunteered at the Adl walk against hate that Watkinson school hosted. We got to volunteer and witness the walk along with helping people throughout the course and having great conversations about stopping hate. This is just one of the opportunities that we are given throughout the year but that was my most memorable and enjoyable experience.