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Hi and welcome to my about me section! I'm a 16 year old African American high school student that attends Watkinson school. My experience with Watkinson has truly been fantastic as it has helped me gain confidence in myself along with surround myself with great people. In general I'm a nice guy that loves to have fun and be with my friends. At home I have a great support system in my mom and dad and most of what I do today wouldn't be possible if they weren't there for me every step of the way. That's also why I value them the most along with my other members of family. Outside of my parents I also have family that lives in New Jersey and Barbados however I haven't been able to see my family in Barbados because of covid. I have many hobbies and passions and one them is riding and exploring the benefits of pevs (personal electric vehicles). The main pev I use is called an electric unicycle and it's very fun to ride along with having many benefits of using it over a car. I also play basketball and am currently a member of Watkinson's varsity team. Basketball is a big part of my life and a lot of what I do is because of my love for basketball. I also travel frequently (before covid) and love to record my adventures and turn it into a video. 

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