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My Capstone is exploring the sustainability of electric vehicles and how they will fit into our future. My senior capstone is a year-long process that involves an
exponential amount of research and time. I'll be producing three products for my capstone, the first being an electric car research paper. My other products will involve a video discussing road-tripping an electric car. I'll also create a workshop that will expand on sustainability and electric vehicles.



Annotated Bibliography

 The toughest hurdle the electric car industry will have to overcome in order to become the majority of new cars is how they are perceived by the public and the misconceptions surrounding their impact on the environment.

This is my Electric Car Research Paper and the first, of three products. You'll find my thesis along with a link to the full paper

My passion for electric cars stems from the fact that I own a EV and am interested in my impact on the environment. I've taken this journey with my Mustang Mach E which I'm grateful for as It's allowed me to experience first hand the work that needs to go into EV adoption.

This is my electric vehicle road trip video. This video talks about DC fast charging along with the experience of road-tripping an EV.

This workshop expands on and combines all my research in order to make an informative workshop about the sustainability of electric vehicles.

EV Workshop

The workshop concluded with participants making an ad about EVs and trying to convince those that rely on gas vehicles to make the switch. The products were creative and very convincing! 

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