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I've been playing basketball since I was in fifth grade and it has been my favorite sport ever since. I've put in many hours of work into the game and am proud of my progress. But most importantly it's a fun game that can be carefree and you even build your own little community with good teammates along the way. It has played a big role in my life and will continue to for years to come. 

Glass Buildings

Not only has it been fun for me but it's also helped me with things I struggled with before. It's helped me gain more confidence in myself and my judgment as it's an issue that partially still lives with me today. However, Basketball allows me to be free and not worry about the mistakes I make which helps me in the real world. It's not just a game to me but something that has and still is improving my way of life. Thanks to basketball, I'm more confident than I was and feel like I can rely on myself more.   

(Signed by Magic Johnson)

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